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The 2014 report on the second Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing presents a contemporary update on the next generation of Australian adults.

The overall prevalence of mental health disorders in young people in Australia appears to be relatively stable with approximately one in seven children and adolescents experiencing a mental health problem.

Importantly young people with a range of mental health difficulties are increasingly accessing support services in the health and education sectors with high levels of engagement among young people with moderate to severe mental health problems.

Schools are recognised as critical in responding to the needs of children and young people with mental health difficulties and in providing opportunities for increased mental health promotion and prevention.  School Counsellors are pivotal to the successful implementation of mental health interventions across various levels within the school setting.

This 2016 ACCSSQ Conference aims to support the dynamic nature of the School Counsellor role within the context of improving mental health outcomes for young people.  The Conference will offer presentations on practical, preventative and early intervention strategies and resources, with a particular focus on self-regulation in children and adolescents.

School Counsellors, Guidance Officers, School Psychologists and other mental health professionals are warmly invited to take this opportunity to participate in excellent professional development and networking within a relaxed and collegial environment.


Barb Davies

President ACCSSQ

Loreto College


Ph: (07) 3394 9912


ACCSSQ Conference Planning Committee 2016

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Barb Davies, President

Kate Mulherin, Secretary

Jorge Ruiz, Treasurer

Maree Rose, Sponsorship

Anita Smith, BCEO

Graham Thrupp, BCE

Joanne O’Bryan

Esther Raath

Anna Wallace

Tania Henry

Cassie Rotolone

Jenny Younger