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Risk Management Reference Group

The Risk Management Reference Group provides oversight, coordination and evaluation of matters relating to enterprise-wide risk management.

This group is responsible for coordinating, reviewing and monitoring risk management activities across Brisbane Catholic Education including communication of whole-of-enterprise risk mitigations to school and office communities. 


  • Director, Administrative Services (Chair)

  • Director, Employee Services

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Manager, Communications and Marketing

  • Manager, Building Services

  • Manager, Business Services

  • Manager, Health and Safety Services

  • Manager, Risk and Compliance (Executive Officer)


The Risk Management Reference Group met four times in 2016, Achievements included:

  • reviewing, refining and monitoring Brisbane Catholic Education enterprise risks

  • providing input to and endorsing the revised Risk Management Framework and Guideline

  • providing input to and endorsing an Archdiocesan-wide consistent risk criteria

  • monitoring risks for nominated projects

  • monitoring the review of international travel mandatory procedures and guidelines

  • refining risk management roles and responsibilities across the organisation

  • refining risk criteria, categories and business functions.

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