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Strategic resourcing

Future focused and fit for purpose infrastructure

To provide contemporary Catholic learning communities in areas of demographic and pastoral need, two new schools will open in 2017. St Clare's Primary School in Yarrabilba and McAuley College in Beaudesert were established in 2016 through Block Grant Authority funding, and Government funding approval and accreditation as a staged master plan based on a clear educational brief.

Several grants programs also provided funding to build and maintain modern and fit for purpose infrastructure to meet the diverse learning needs of students, including:

  • school revitalisation grants of $4 million were provided to identified schools for facility upgrading and renewal of plant and equipment

  • $15.9 million was allocated for Block Grant Authority capital works projects

  • 68 self-funded projects totalling $34.4 million were considered and endorsed by the School Development Committee.

Brisbane Catholic Education continued to support schools with managing facilities, asbestos removal and safety interventions through the Facility Maintenance Grant funding program. Since the program commenced in 2015,  $7.4 million has been provided to schools.

The project to relocate the Dutton Park and West End Brisbane Catholic Education offices to a contemporary and fit for purpose building continued in 2016 with building design completed and major project consultants engaged. 

School spotlight: Above, St John Fisher College in Bracken Ridge, celebrated the opening of new sports facilities in 2016. Click on the image to read more.

Targeted support to schools

Three additional programs supported schools in 2016:

  • school renewal funds of $9 million to support transformational projects and professional development as part of school review and renewal programs

  • low SES (socioeconomic status) allocation to schools under 91 SES of $2.1 million, to support schools with limited community financial capacity

  • equity grants of $6.4 million to support schools with gross fee and levy income below established dollar per student benchmarks.

Funding for ongoing additional staffing for school administration was also increased to $4.9 million. This funding has enabled school leaders to report increased capacity to engage in leading learning in schools. 

With the addition of two new staff in 2016, nine qualified and experienced school support accountants are now working with primary schools to support their financial management responsibilities.

In addition, new supports were put in place in 2016 in secondary colleges to assess the merits and risks of proposed international travel and to improve safety and compliance in these schools. A guideline, procedures and suite of resource tools were introduced, and the International Travel Advisory Panel was formed to review and endorse travel proposals. Work was also progressed on a whole of enterprise approach to travel insurance and emergency and pre-travel advisory consultancy.

Innovative ICT

Brisbane Catholic Education continued to focus on delivering innovative, high-quality, cost-effective and contemporary ICT infrastructure.

The Student Behaviour Support System was rolled out in 2016 to enable teachers to capture relevant behaviour management information and to facilitate reporting through the use of an integrated, easy-to-use mobile device application.

The expansion of school and parent portals was progressed in 2016, and parent and staff training was provided to support parents' engagement and connection to student learning.

Brisbane Catholic Education also transitioned student academic reports to an online format with almost half of schools adopting the new system in 2016. This activity has improved accessibility for families, as well as delivering administrative savings to schools.

In 2016, enhancements were made to the Brisbane Catholic Education Business Intelligence Tool, with the finalisation of the Leadership Dashboard. This dashboard makes high level strategic learning and administrative data available to office and school leadership teams to support effective decision making.

A new office financial management e-system was also implemented to support staff capacity in relation to financial reporting and analysis in the Brisbane Catholic Education Office. Power BI reporting has enabled improved availability and timeliness of financial data, with well-planned staff capacity building and change management ensuring the possibility of significant benefits to Brisbane Catholic Education.

Building a better system through evidence-informed practice, good governance and accountable decision making

Brisbane Catholic Education's good governance and evidence-informed practice have supported accountable decision making and the achievement of strategic objectives. Key achievements in 2016 included:  

  • establishing Enterprise Governance and Performance to support the Leadership Team to serve, support and lead the Brisbane Catholic Education system in an aligned and connected way through contemporary governance practice appropriate for a large complex organisation

  • developing the Governance Guide and the Service Catalogue to document the standards of accountability, the processes and instruments and the services to support effective governance in Brisbane Catholic Education

  • implementing frameworks to support a contemporary practice approach to governance and performance in the areas of strategy, planning, research, risk, compliance, project management and policy management

  • developing a set of guiding principles and processes for the setting of school fees and levies to ensure individual school communities apply considered formulas based on the analysis of appropriate data.

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