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Catholic Education Council



Archbishop O'Donnell established the Catholic Education Council in 1965. Its initial responsibility was to advise and act on behalf of the Archbishop in all matters relating to Catholic schooling.

In order to keep abreast of the many changes in education over the past four decades, the role of Council has been subject to regular review and has evolved over time to adapt to the changing climate of education. The work of Council is now focused on lifelong Catholic education as contained in the Archdiocesan Vision Statement for Catholic Education. 

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The purpose of the Catholic Education Council is to discern, tender advice and recommend broad educational policies and priorities to the Archbishop, and monitor policy implementation. In undertaking this the Council endeavours to be pastoral in outlook, developmental in approach, and seeks to initiate, encourage, support, promote and coordinate Archdiocesan educational activities in order to advance the Vision for Catholic Education and the Mission of the Archdiocese.


The Catholic Education Council has responsibility in a number of areas including policy development; monitoring and reporting on implementation; coordination between Brisbane Catholic Education schools and religious institute schools; to act as a board of the Institute of Faith Education as well as to recommend to the Archbishop religious education guidelines for Catholic schools, and policies that encourage the provision of lifelong faith education in the Archdiocese.


The Council is presided over by the Archbishop or his delegate, who is the Moderator of the Archdiocese. The Moderator is an ex-officio member of the Council.

The Archbishop appoints members who will bring to the Council a broad spectrum of interest and involvement in the various areas of Catholic education in the Archdiocese such as: -

  • Adult and young adult education 
  • Research
  • Catholic schooling 
  • Parent involvement
  • Liturgy 
  • Pastoral ministry
  • Tertiary education 
  • Parish councils
  • Religious education theory and practice within and beyond Catholic schools 
  • School boards
  • Mission and justice education 
  • Educational leadership and administration 
  • Teacher education

The Archbishop appointed Dr Mark W Sayers as Chair of Council in 2009. The Executive Director of Catholic Education is the Executive Officer and is an ex-officio member of the Council.

With the exception of those appointed by the Archbishop from within the Leadership Team of Brisbane Catholic Education and the Moderator, members are appointed for a term of three years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

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