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Additional Conditions Relating to Email

As part of access to the ICT resources provided by BCE, users may be provided with access to an email account.  These conditions also apply to any email service provided by an individual school directly.
Users should use email for learning or administrative activities only.  BCE, as a matter of discretion, permits minimal use of email facilities to send and receive personal messages, provided that such use is minimal and kept to a reasonable level and does not adversely impact on personal work productivity. BCE may cease personal use at any time.
Users will, upon an email account being established, be allocated a data quota which will represent the maximum space a user is permitted to use to store emails of the BCE ICT network.  Users should not exceed this quota.

Users must not use email to:

  • create or send email under another’s name without express authorisation;
  • create, send or forward electronic chain letters or commercial emails (spam);
  • create, send or forward obscene, abusive, fraudulent, threatening or repetitive messages or those containing foul language (swearing);
  • harass, threaten, defame, vilify or discriminate against any person or group;
  • intentionally or irresponsibly damage or disable BCE or school ICT resources;
  • use email for the purposes of transferring excessively large files;
  • intentionally introduce computer viruses or other malicious programs to hardware or software or physically damaging systems;
  • cause interference with or disruption to any computer, computer network, information service, equipment or any user;
  • engage in any activity for personal monetary gain or commercial purposes;
  • send copies of electronic works in contravention of copyright or other intellectual property laws;
  • disseminate personal contact or other confidential information without appropriate authorisation or consent; or
    engage in any other activity that is prohibited by the Conditions of Use or local, state or Commonwealth law.

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