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Additional Conditions Relating to Web Publishing Tools

Through the access of ICT resources, users may be granted access to products and technologies that enable users to publish and share material over the intra/internet ("web publishing tools").
Users should ensure that web publishing tools are used for learning or administrative activities only.  Personal or commercial use of the web publishing tools through the BCE ICT network is not permitted.
Users' access to the web publishing tools is subject to reasonable download restrictions.  Users should not use BCE ICT resources to upload or download large numbers of unnecessary files or files that are excessive in size.
Users must not use web publishing tools to:
(a) post or distribute illegal, inappropriate or immoral content;
(b) upload excessive amounts of data;
(c) post or distribute obscene, abusive, fraudulent or threatening material;
(d) harass, threaten, defame, vilify or discriminate against any person or group;
(e) engage in personal attacks upon any user or person;
(f) post material or content involving foul language (swearing); or
(g) engage in any activity that is prohibited by the Conditions of Use for ICT Resources or local, state or Commonwealth law.
Users must also ensure that they do not use web publishing tools in a manner that would breach, or would cause BCE to breach the terms and conditions of any applicable software licenses.
If a user comes across material in breach of the Conditions of Use, the window should be closed and the appropriate school technical personnel or the ICT Services Help Desk should be notified immediately.

Supervision and Moderation

Given the unique nature of the resources web publishing tools provide, as well as the responsibilities of users to ensure compliance with the Conditions of Use, teachers and other supervisors have a responsibility to ensure the resources are being used in a safe and appropriate manner by both themselves and all students.
Prior to access being provided to students and other users, teachers and supervisors should be aware of the technological capabilities of web publishing tools and provided with appropriate moderation authority. 

Teachers and supervisors should actively browse and scrutinise material being posted and submitted by users through web publishing tools to ensure compliance with these Conditions of Use.  Any material a teacher suspects to be in breach of this Policy or the Code should be either removed or if appropriate, quarantined and suitable, other parties notified.

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