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Additional Conditions Relating to World Wide Web

As part of access to the ICT resources provided by BCE, users may be provided with access to the World Wide Web.
Users should use the World Wide Web for learning or administrative activities only. BCE, as a matter of discretion, permits minimal use of the World Wide Web facilities for personal use under these Conditions of Use, provided that such use is minimal and kept to a reasonable level and does not adversely impact on personal work productivity. BCE may cease personal use at any time.
Users' access to the World Wide Web is subject to reasonable download restrictions. Users should not use BCE ICT resources to download large numbers of unnecessary files or files that are excessive in size.
Users must not use the World Wide Web to:
(a) access illegal, inappropriate or immoral content;
(b) download excessive amounts of data;
(c) download or install unauthorised programs or other material;
(d) create, display, or transmit threatening, racist, sexist, or harassing language and/or materials;
(e) access or author unauthorised "blogs" or other personal webpages;
(f) access or administer unauthorised discussion forums;
(g) disseminate personal contact or other confidential information without appropriate authorisation or consent;
(h) attempt to guess, capture, “hack”, or decrypt any security details of any other person or user;
(i) access any internal or external server with the use of any stolen, guessed or hacked security details or other private data obtained without consent;
(j) engage in any activity for personal monetary gain or commercial purposes;
(k) engage in any activity that is prohibited by the Conditions of Use for ICT Resources or local, state or Commonwealth law.
If a user accidentally comes across material in breach of the Conditions of Use, the window should be closed and the appropriate school technical personnel or the BCE Service Desk should be notified immediately.

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