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Learning and Teaching Services

The purpose of this directorate is to lead and manage policy development, strategic directions, resourcing and specialist professional support for learning and teaching services within and across schools and colleges in the Archdiocese of Brisbane. 

Our focus is on improving the learning outcomes of all students who attend our schools and colleges through teaching practices and processes that are data-informed, inclusive and attentive to student wellbeing.

Personnel in the three directorate teams of Learning and Teaching, Student Learning and Wellbeing, and Learning and Teaching Data work collaboratively particularly with School Service Centre personnel to ensure that Archdiocesan, school and student learning and teaching priorities are appropriately delivered, resourced and aligned with Archdiocesan vision and , mission and strategic goals for education.



Dr Doug Ashleigh (07) 3033 7655



Australian Curriculum implementation, literacy and numeracy, languages, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education, Environmental Sustainability, Student Reporting, Learning Management and ICLTs.

Principal Education Officer: Mary Tsourounakis (07) 3033 7408


Student Learning and Wellbeing

Inclusive education, guidance counselling, student behaviour support, anti-bullying, students at the margins and/or, out-of-home, and learning and teaching data.

Principal Education Officer: Kathy Shelton (07) 3033 7407


Change Management

Implementation of BCE's Delivering Excellence - Learning and Teaching Project

Principal Education Officer: Mark Elliott (07) 3033 7043


Brisbane Catholic Education Office

243 Gladstone Road, Dutton Park Q 4102

GPO Box 1201 Brisbane 4001 Australia

Phone: (07) 3033 7000

Fax: (07) 3844 5101