God is already active in the world, and the church is part of the world (Let Your Light Shine, 2004). Evangelisation is understood to happen through word and action and is made visible in personal, communal and organisational ways.

It involves deep listening as well as dialogue at a communal level with other traditions and faiths, respecting the Spirit’s movements throughout humankind. (Let Your Light Shine, 2004).
 ... evangelisation is to be achieved, not from without as though by adding some decoration or applying a coat of colour, but in depth, going to the very centre and roots of life. The gospel must impregnate the culture and the whole way of life of man (sic), taking these words in the widest and fullest sense which they are given in the constitution Gaudium et Spes. (Evangelii Nuntiandi, 1975, n. 20)
 For Catholic schools in the Brisbane Archdiocese, the evangelising purpose integrates faith and life to provide education for transformation.
PowerPoint – Understanding Evangelisation

Understanding Evangelisation was first developed by a task group in preparation for Hearts on Fire conference in Brisbane in 1999 and was presented at the gathering by Bishop Michael Putney.




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