The formation capacities reflect core characteristics at the heart of the earliest Christian communities. BCE schools seek to reimagine these capacities in their contemporary contexts. The capacities: 

  1. are grounded in the scriptures and the story memories of the early Christian communities found in Acts;

  2. give expression to the Jesus Communion Mission theological dimensions of the BCE Spiritual Formation Framework;

  3. animate the BCE Vision ‘to teach, challenge and transform’ in everyday ways;

  4. provide points of integration across the spectrum of Religious Institute charisms;

  5. provide a lens for school communities to review the expression of their Catholic identity.

  6. chart a pathway to nurture personal and communal spiritual life.

The whole group of believers was united heart and soul… (Acts 4: 32)

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Spiritual Formation Framework, explanation of Capacities

Prayer resources based on the Capacities

Capacity handouts (one per page) (pdf 414k)