The appropriate nurturing of a contemporary Catholic Christian spirituality for Catholic educators is one of the most urgent challenges facing the church.

For those who teach and lead in our Catholic schools, the tending and support for their own spiritual journey is critical, for the spiritual journey is about the heart of who we are, and the heart of who we are spills into the classroom, the boardroom, the staffroom and the parent room.

It is our evangelising lodestone and requires our energy and creativity to empower each person to see the enormous capacity they have to transform the world.


BCE Spiritual Framework

The BCE Spiritual Formation Framework was launched in October 2006 in conjunction with the BCE Leadership Framework and the BCE Strategic Renewal Framework (2007-2011), underlining the important connections between leadership, spiritual formation and strategic renewal and professional practice. 

The framework conceptualises spiritual formation as a transformative journey in the context of the mission of Catholic education. That journey is understood as personal and professional, individual and communal.

The participant is seen as a lifelong, life-wide learner, who has a unique story and context, experience and way of knowing.

The formation ‘curriculum’ is based on an approach to learning that understands spiritual formation as holistic, enlivened by engagement with multiple learning strategies and most effective when priority is given to the experiential dimension.

In this way, the BCE approach to spiritual formation is designed to be person and process-centred.  


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