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Adore for 24 inspires school community to pray more

St Finbarr’s students and staff took part in a second year of 24-hour Adoration

EUCHARISTIC adoration has helped reconnect students and staff at St Finbarr’s School, Ashgrove, to the true meaning and purpose of prayer.

Adore for 24 took the students and staff out of the classroom to St Finbarr’s Church, part of the Jubilee parish, for 30 minutes of Eucharistic adoration over the course of one school day.

Parishioners, staff and parents were also invited to pray before the Blessed Sacrament during and after school, with the Blessed Sacrament exposed for 24 hours.

After receiving hundreds of responses from students who experienced the program last year, they were invited to complete a second year of 24-hour Adoration.

Year 3 teacher Niamh Healy, who co-ordinated the Adore for 24 program last year, said it proved that children can have profound experiences of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

Principal Ann Hall said she was lost for words as she sat in the church and watch the children’s faces.

“It’s God’s presence and it’s so inspiring,” Ms Hall said.

“It brings you back to what we’re all about as a Catholic school.

“At the core of Catholic schools is to connect us to our Catholic identity, and Niamh has nurtured the faith with the teachers and children in ordinary ways.”

In preparation for the program this year, Ms Healy ran formation sessions for each classroom to explain the Road to Emmaus scripture, which was read during the adoration sessions.  

She said the responses from students were inspiring.

The success of the program and the spiritual zeal felt by both students and staff also impressed St Finbarr’s parish priest Fr Peter Brannelly.

“The proof is in the pudding,” Fr Brannelly said.

“It’s not a matter of dragging kids across to the church and making them sit there quiet for an hour – it’s doing the preparation.

“That Road to Emmaus (formation) provides the foundation for them to understand about opening their eyes to what they are experiencing over there.”

As well as ensuring students in his Catholic schools are receiving formation in the faith, Fr Brannelly said Adore for 24 made sure the church was always open.

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