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Champ beating bullies with positive message

Principal Martina Millard with anti-bullying advocate and work Boxing Champion
Jeff Horn at Chisholm Catholic College

WORLD boxing champion Jeff Horn delivered an inspiring message to students at Chisholm Catholic College, Cornubia, on how to beat the bullies.

Horn, who was at the college for the launch of “In Your Corner” anti-bullying campaign, encouraged students who were being bullied to “be strong, push through the hard times and use someone in your corner”.

The former Logan schoolteacher said the key to beating bullies was to tell someone.

“Talk to people in your corner — your family, friends, teachers,” said.

“Make sure someone knows if it is affecting you.”

He revealed that while in Years 8-10 at school he was bullied and once contemplated suicide he felt so distraught and depressed.

"At the time I felt worthless, sad and doubted myself," he said.

But that all changed when he walked into a boxing club for the first time.

He not only discovered something he was good at, but also a newfound belief in himself.

“If it was not for them (bullies) I may not have gone into boxing,” he said.

“All the people who picked on me or pushed me around, I am sure they would not do that today.”

The Stretton Boxing Club World champ said he knew there was at least one person in the audience that was going through what he went through.

He told them to remember (bullies) “can feel so big now, but believe me, they will be insignificant in a few years’ time”.

Horn’s message hit the mark with Chisholm students leaving an impression on Year 9 student Charlie Macfarlane who said she was surprised to hear even world champions go through tough times and get bullied.

“Although we may think that we are alone, we certainly are not and there is most likely someone else going through the same tough experience,” she said.

Year 10 student Thomas Roselt said he learnt that bullies were insecure about themselves and just to ignore them.

Year 8 student Madison Vainionpaa said the message clicked with her that “we don’t need to worry about what other people think about us, we just need to worry about moving forward and doing good things with our lives and for others”.

Chisholm Catholic College Principal Martina Millard said she was “incredibly impressed” by Horn who was “so gutsy” in sharing his own story.

She said the college’s anti-bullying policy included early intervention tips, myths about bullying and what action the college would take in response to bullying.

“Part of the process was the creation of the Chisholm Watch Box were reluctant students could report anonymously if their peers were being bullied,” she said.

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