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St William’s marks International Women’s Day

(From left) Lisa Westerdale, Brooke Mc Burnie, Marie-Louise Stolberg, Sue
Graham, Louise Mullen, Kathy Holston, Sarah Austin, Carolyn Duffy and Kellie
Holme enjoy International Women’s Day celebrations

WITH St William’s School, Grovely, marking its Diamond Jubilee this year, the community took time to stop and acknowledge International Women’s Day and recognise some “diamonds” amongst staff.

Even though parent-teacher interviews were penned in for the evening, staff believed it was important to take time to recognise the amazing women who worked at St William’s.

Afternoon celebrations began with food, drink and lucky door prizes.

All staff got into the spirit of the day, wearing a splash of purple, a colour that symbolises dignity and justice, with the room also decked out in purple.

Guest speaker, past parent and former school Adopt-a-Cop, Sergeant Kerrie Haines, talked about her changing journey through her life, which finally led her to working in the NSW police force and then the Queensland Police force. 

She spoke of the challenges faced due to being a female member of the police force and the difficulties with being a working parent and surviving shift-work and child care situations.

A strong message Kerrie reiterated many times was the amazing support she had always received in the police force, comparing this support to that of a family looking after one another during hard times.

Year 5 teacher Marie-Louise Stolberg said this message was certainly something St William’s school community could relate too, especially as the school celebrated its Diamond Jubilee.

“When someone in our community is sick or in need of help, that’s when we see people’s true colours and the community band together to help one another.

Marie-Louise said in the changing world of work, the International Women’s Day slogan of, ‘Be Bold for Change’ was one everybody could relate to and work towards achieving.

“Following this motto, we can take the challenge to proudly speak out about what we believe in.

“If something is occurring in our workforce we need to stand up for what we have faith in.

“If we do not do this, we are letting our students and other staff members down. 

"It is important that we take time to acknowledge those special individuals who make up our school community and acknowledge their commitment to education.

“By celebrating International Women’s Day, that is exactly what we are doing.

Marie-Louise said everybody who participated enjoyed the opportunity to relax and share time together with work friends.

“Who knows what next year will bring, for our International Women’s Day celebrations,” she said.

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