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Inspiring the next generation of women

Guest speaker Susan Agyare with St Anthony’s student events team who
helped organise the annual International Women's Day morning tea

“EVERYBODY is important in the eyes of God” was a message International Women's Day guest speaker Susan Agyare wanted to impress on girls at St Anthony’s School, Kedron.

Susan, a parent at St Flannan’s School, Zillmere, spoke to St Anthony’s Year 5 and 6 students as well as staff, mums and invited guests at annual morning tea about the importance of God and prayer in their lives.

She said prayer could help them not only in times of trouble or tough times but also to find out why they were here.

Susan, who grew up in Ghana and moved to Australia to study at university when she was 18, reminded each and every one of the girls and women in the room they each had special talents, gifts and skills that they brought to the world and they should appreciate their uniqueness and learn to share it.

“They should be reminded that they are unique children of God and be empowered and to go forward and serve.”

She said she hoped the audience went away from her talk thinking they had a lot of power within them and that their closeness with God was what would guide them through life.

“That in spite of what happens around them; once they have a strong connection with God they will never ever feel alone.”

International Women's Day, held annually on March 8, was an annual reminder of the need to continue to push, advocate for, and promote gender equality.

Celebrated in many countries around the world, it was a day when women were recognised for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.

St Anthony’s Assistant Principal for Religious Education Bernadette Wright said Susan’s talk was inspirational and evoked a lot of interesting questions from the audience.

“She is somebody who knows how to engage her audience,” Bernadette said.

“It was lovely to hear the children tuned into the importance of prayer and reflection in their lives.

She said the annual morning tea was about empowering the Year 5 and 6 students.

“Having someone like Susan come along to give them encouragement and enable them to look at themselves in a new light was fantastic.”

Year 6 student Aluat Akot said she felt excited and empowered to make a difference in her own life after listening to Susan.

“One thing she would like to change about my life is my selfishness,” she said.

“Sometimes I can just think about myself rather than others.

“I want to think about other people now, how I can help them more; if someone’s feeling down I can help them by listening more or just being there for them in tough times.

“I want to inspire them to be who they can be."

Aluat, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up, said Susan had some positive messages to pass on.

“She was so inspirational.

“I learnt a lot from her talk, especially listening to some of her answers to the questions from the audience.

“She has had a very positive impact on us girls,” she said.

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