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Miss Universe Australia returns to Aquinas College

​Jesinta Campbell (centre) speaks with student leaders at
Aquinas College

​STUDENTS at Aquinas College, Ashmore, met a real life beauty queen when Miss Universe Australia Jesinta Campbell returned to her old college.

Jesinta, who was Aquinas College Captain in 2008, was named Miss Universe Australia at a ceremony in Sydney and now heads to Las Vegas for the Miss Universe competition. 

During the opening prayer at assembly campus minister Fr Pat McAnally called Jesinta forward for a blessing. 

Principal Maryanne Finder welcomed Jesinta back to her old alma mater, showing off some of the gifts she had made for the college at the end of Year 12 when she used her felting skills to make a shield for each of the four houses at Aquinas College.

Ms Finder acknowledged the influence Jesinta believed her peers, teachers and the college staff contributed to the well rounded young adult she was today.

Teacher Simon MacKenzie told how Jesinta was one of the hardest working students he had ever worked with.

Jesinta also spoke about her time at Aquinas College and said it held great meaning to her and she felt like it was just yesterday she was a student. 

She talked of putting her study on hold for a year and, against advice and with little money, setting off to Sydney to give modelling a go. 

She lived on apples, vegies and sugar for a while, but eventually she got an agency and then the work started to come in. 

She said she entered the Miss Universe Australia competition and was pleasantly surprised when she made it through each round. 

When selected for the final she stumbled over her words, so she closed her eyes, said a little prayer, and kept going.
Jesinta said she was thankful to the Aquinas community for what it had contributed to her life while a student and the kind wishes the community continued to offer her. 

She told students to “set a goal and work hard so that you can achieve anything, do not play small, nurture your goals, write down your goals and visualise your success”.

The college community wished Jesinta all the best of luck in the upcoming Miss Universe competition

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