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Siena teacher writes a totally awesome book

Pat Flynn helps Siena students tease out the hidden messages on how to write
from his latest book
HIDDEN amongst the funny stories and illustrations in a new novel by award-winning children’s author and Siena Catholic College, Sippy Downs, teacher Pat Flynn are important lessons on how to write well.

My Totally Awesome Story follows 13-year-old Duane as he reluctantly fills out his writing workbook for school.

As well as detailing his run-ins with the deputy principal, adventures with best mate, Meatball, and his efforts to impress cute-girl Jackie – the novel gives dozens of tips and tricks to 9-13 year-olds to help them write their own “awesome” stories.

Pat said he was inspired to write the book after seeing how difficult many young people find writing.

“As a teacher I know that as soon as I ask students to put pen to paper, there’s an immediate resistance as many aren’t confident with the basics of grammar and punctuation, as well as coming up with good ideas,” he said.

After seeing the success of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Flynn decided to have his main character fill out a writing workbook, complete with writing activities Flynn uses in his popular workshops.

“I’ve run hundreds of writing workshops for young people across Australia and the aim of the book is to share that knowledge in the most fun way possible.”

“I wanted it to read like a comedy but have all the information in there about writing so teachers and parents could use the book with their children.”

Pat, who job-shares with wife, Catherine, said this gives him time to write and speak at events such as the Brisbane Writers Festival.

‘We’re lucky our job allows us to have that flexibility,” he said.

“I can continue to write and we both have the opportunity to spend time at home with our beautiful two-year-old daughter, Lucy.’

Pat said he hopes My Totally Awesome Story will entertain and inform mid to upper primary students.

“It would be great if young people read the book and laughed, but also learn something about writing.

“Hopefully, without even realising it,” he said.

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