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Generous giving gets goats for needy village

Our Lady of Dolours’ Goat Tally wall was of great interest to students, staff and
Caritas Diocesan Director Lynda Mussell (standing far left)

OUR Lady of Dolours School, Mitchelton presented Caritas Australia with a cheque for more than $2000 to help bring a ‘Just Future for All’.

Following a generous Lenten journey, the primary school community invited Caritas Diocesan Director Lynda Mussell to their school to hand over the generous contribution.

The donation will help purchase 17 Jamunapari goats that will assist with supplying milk, cheese and meat to a needy village as well as teaching villagers farming skills to become a more sustainable community.

Acting Assistant Principal for Religious Education Marie-Louise Stolberg said the school community made a commitment in Term 1 to fully support Caritas’ Project Compassion.

“Our Lenten Journey guided our community to be special individuals who practiced prayer, fasting and giving,” she said.

“These three actions allowed our school community the amazing opportunity to support those less fortunate than us.”

The journey concluded with a total of $2100.48 raised through the wonderful support of days like Pancake/Shrove Tuesday, crazy hair and nail day, “Gonuts for Donuts”, a Flower Easter egg hunt and a huge Easter Raffle.

“All of these fundraising events and the classroom Caritas money boxes allowed our school to help in purchasing the valuable goats,” Marie-Louise said.

“Our Lenten theme this year was ‘Give a Goat for Lent’ and our goal was for the students to purchase as many goats as they could as a way of bringing about a ‘Just Future for All’.”

Marie-Louise said the use of a “Goat Tally Wall” allowed all the students to see how their fundraising achievements were increasing each week.

She said the students and parents loved stopping and counting the goats to see how our school tally was improving.

“The promotion and initiation of all the Lenten events was co-ordinated by the Year 6 students, especially the six social justice students,” she said.

“This is an initiative begun this year where each term, six students will be chosen to lead our social justice activities.

“These six students committed fully to the role and led the school through actions and words.

“Each week at assemblies the students would present another Caritas case study and explain how money raised had supported them in their journey to a more just future.” 

Marie-Louise said the diocesan director was impressed with how much the small school community had raised and was especially impressed by the ‘goat wall’.

“Lynda thanked and shared with our school community how this money could be used to support those less fortunate then us, so others can have a just future."

She said it was wonderful to have Lynda involved in at the assembly as she had attended the Year 6 Caritas Leadership day in Term 1, when the students first began talking about ‘A Just Future for All’. 

“This social justice aspect of our school is so very important in encouraging our students to not only appreciate how lucky they are but also to stop and consider how they can make a difference in the lives of others.

“Hopefully through Our Lady of Dolours combined hard work of fundraising for Caritas we can make a huge difference in other peoples’ lives,” she said.

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