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Celebrating the Remarkable Moments in Catholic schools

Year 5 students (from left) Grace Butler, Alexa Rose and Joshua Kelly are
remarkable learners at Our Lady of the Rosary School

BRISBANE Catholic Education (BCE) has recognised the every day learning success stories of students on November 10.

A priority for BCE in 2017 was to grow engagement, progress and achievement of every student in literacy with an emerging priority in numeracy.

The Remarkable Moments initiative aimed to celebrate every student's success in learning and build conversations of learning amongst schools.

Across the Brisbane Archdiocese, from Childers in the north, to the Gold Coast and west to Kingaroy, schools celebrated the learning growth of each student in a variety of ways on Remarkable Moments Day.

At Our Lady of the Rosary School, Kenmore, every student from Prep to Year 6 enjoyed an exciting day full of activities acknowledging the learning success of its students.

Principal Andrew Oberthur said the school wanted to celebrate the learning growth and learning journey of all its students and their achievements throughout the year.

He said each of six activities the students participated in represented the characteristics of highly effective learners at the school.

The activities, supervised by some enthusiastic parents, included a ninja warrior obstacle course, mini golf, family feud and a maze where one student led another blindfolded student through a chalk maze through seeking and responding to feedback.

Andrew said through participation in each activity the students learned to be resilient, to be persistent, to take risks and to have a go.

To become a remarkable learner the students had to collect a star from completing each activity and when they had all six stars they collected a special wristband.

Primary Learning Leader Lucardia Moulton said each activity was set up to link in with one of the learning dispositions at the school.

“I think that link was made very clear with the students using language from these activities throughout the day, which has been really fantastic to hear,” she said.

“And, we had some really amazing parents here who did such a wonderful job hosting all the activities.”

Year 5 student Alexa Rose said it was “pretty cool” to be able to celebrate each other’s remarkable moments.

She said the activities were fun and engaging.

Alexa said her own remarkable moment came about when she started reading during break time.

“I discovered how much fun reading really was,” she said.

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