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Retirees honoured for service to Catholic education

Retirees gathered for a special celebration with Bishop Ken Howell and BCEO’s
leadership team

YEARS of commitment to teach, challenge and transform the lives of students in Catholic schools was acknowledged at a special celebration for retirees at East Leagues Club.  

Titled “A Season of Celebration” the annual Long-Serving Retirees ceremony was an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the giftedness and commitment of 71 retirees gave to Catholic education over many decades.

Bishop Ken Howell joined BCE Executive Director Pam Betts and leadership team members Derek Maclean, Michael Kearney and Paul Allen for the celebrations.

St Thomas’ School, Camp Hill, students assisted with the liturgy while Beth Carroll, one of BCE’s newest teachers, honoured the work and the lives of the retirees.

Bishop Ken said it was indeed a day to give thanks to the gathered retirees and their families and supporters for the dedication and commitment to Catholic schools over many, many years.

“This is a day for the broader community, especially the Catholic community, to speak in praise of your influence made throughout the years teaching and serving your school communities,” he said.

“The influence of others was both profound and even mysterious, particularly true for those who taught, but also for the various other staff members that were involved in the life of a Catholic school.

“In the midst of doing what you do you probably don’t intentionally think about what that influence may be.

“But when a student from your past stops you in the supermarket and speaks in glowing terms of your influence you realise that influence is real and has in fact been both profound and mysterious.

Miss Betts thanked each of the retirees for their contribution, over many years, to the ministry of Catholic education.

She said it was a great privilege to be involved in the business of educating children and young people and it was a great privilege for her to honour the work in which the new retirees had been engaged for so many years.

“I encourage you to take up the words of our booklets: ‘embrace the past with remembering and the future with longing’,” she said.

She said every one of their stories was unique, but each shared the common thread of Brisbane Catholic Education.

“On behalf of all those whose lives you have influenced during your years in our schools, I say a heartfelt thank you.”

Following the liturgy, Miss Betts and Bishop Howell presented each retiree with a special gift and joined them for l

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