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Retirees celebrated

BCE retirees enjoyed a liturgy and lunch to celebrate years of commitment to
teach, challenge and transform the lives of students in Catholic schools

YEARS of commitment to teach, challenge and transform the lives of students in Catholic schools was acknowledged at a special celebration for retirees at East Leagues Club.  

Titled “A Season of Celebration” the annual Long-Serving Retires ceremony was an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the giftedness and commitment of 68 retirees gave to Catholic education over many decades.

BCE Executive Director Pam Betts joined leadership team members, Paul Thornton, Michael Kearney and Paul Allen and Father Anthony Mellor for the celebrations and a liturgy.

St Thomas’ School, Camp Hill, Assistant Principal for Religious Education Elizabeth Jones and six of her students assisted with the liturgy while Sally Peace, one of BCE’s newest teachers, honoured the work and the lives of the retirees.

BCE Director - Administrative Services Michael Kearney said it was a very special occasion for all in attendance.

“We gather to honour the lives and contribution of those who have served Brisbane Catholic Education with career-long commitment, great energy and deep generosity,” he said.

“It is indeed a rare privilege to be in this company.”

Miss Betts congratulated each of the retirees on reaching such a significant milestone,

She thanked them for their contribution, over many years, to the ministry of Catholic education.

She said it was a great privilege to be involved in the business of educating children and young people and it was a great privilege for her to honour the work in which the new retirees had been engaged for so many years.

“I encourage you to take up the words of our booklets: ‘embrace the past with remembering and the future with longing’,” she said.

She said every one of their stories was unique, but each shared the common thread of Brisbane Catholic Education.

“On behalf of all those whose lives you have influenced during your years in our schools, I say a heartfelt thank you.

“You have now reached that point in which you can bask in the memories and achievements of the past whilst planning the adventures of the future.”

Following the liturgy, Miss Betts and Fr Mellor presented each retiree with a special gift and joined them for a special lunch.

Long Serving Retirees in 2017 were:

Linda Allen, Clare Banks, Ellen-Maree Beekman, Peter Blundell, Brian Burgess, Gabriele Chapman, Steve Chapman, Pamela Chick, Helen Green, Graeme Hight, Lynette Hurrell, Rosemary Jansen, Loretta Keast, Therese Korte, Barbara Kroll, Barbara Macfarlane, Matthew Mackle, Christine Mellor, Cathie Menck, Clare Montgomery, Ann Maree O’Brien, Joseph Portelli, Anne Ray, Margaret Reddan, Roen Robinson, Kerry Rush, Leo Schultz, Bernadette Shelton, Sue Stone, Margaret Timms, Clare Topp, Denise Voke, Karen Warmington, Terence Wigmore, Michael Aspland, Deborah Barry, Christopher Brown, Jennifer Brown, Robin Coles, Robert Cook, Colleen Cornish, Peter Donelan, Linda Donkin, Thomas Dowden, Susan Firth, Brian Forbes, Anne Forzatti, Marie Geraghty, Suzanne Gray, Helen Heffernan, Ronald Kelly, Majella Madigan, Mary Major, Loredana Mattioli, Patricia May, Judith Mellifont, Mary-Anne Moorehead, Thomas Nebauer, Mary Nolan, Denise O’Brien, Thomas Perkovic, Peter Raward, Martin Rose, Ann Maree Salmon, Julian Skinner, Margaret Smith, Marlene Warnick-Tomlinson, and John Woodhouse.

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