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Students 'star' in school mural

Eden and Reuben Fox and Naira and Marley Bujeja show off the mural which
helps promote the Catholic identity of their school

At Star of the Sea School, Cleveland, every student is considered a 'star'.

The school by the bay has a strong focus on promoting its Catholic identity throughout the school and parish community and recently completed a new mural to highlight this.

Using inspiration from Psalm 147 – 4 “He Counts the Stars and Calls Each by Name”, two local artists set about capturing the image on a school wall through the significant mural.

Artists and school parents, Cara Bujeja and John Fox, designed and painted the mural to highlight the uniqueness of the school’s Catholic identity.

Cara said it was great to be able to collaborate with John on the project.

“When conceptualising the design for the school's mural I wanted to ensure I kept true to the sentiments in the Psalm,” Cara said.  

“I was also eager to represent elements of our parish and school's community.

“Elements such as our proximity to the bay, represented by the water and islands, and stars which feature in our school and parish names, are all embraced by the outstretched arms of Jesus.

Cara said 26 stars had been painted, including the Southern Cross, in total.

She said the 26 letters of the alphabet were symbolised in the stars to acknowledge all children at the school.

“Each star is different to represent the beauty of diversity in our community,” Cara said.

Student Eden Fox said when looking at the mural, the actual light on the wall being used as the moon was very creative.

“When I look at Jesus with his arms outstretched it makes me feel that He is always there to help us with any problem,” she said.

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