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Wakakirri a harmonious experience

‪Pulling together: St Vincent's students in costume for the Wakakirri festival‬

A LITTLE bit of harmony helped St Vincent's Primary School, Clear Island Waters, produce a memorable performance at the Wakakirri National Festival on the Gold Coast.

The all-singing all-dancing group of students put together the performance, titled 'Harmony Down Under', which told the story of the cultural and migration history of Australia, including the Aboriginal Dreamtime.

Teacher and co-director Daniel Bloxsidge said the school had a successful year of Wakakirri festivities earning a “Top 9” in Australia, gaining a shortlist for the 'Wakakirri Prize', numerous performances for the rest of the school community and at the Gold Coast Wakakirri Festival.

Daniel said the whole process had been a great experience for the school community.He said they used recycling, reducing and reusing as their principles, thus using sustainable practices that spread the environmental message to students and the wider community.

The keen staff and students took more than six months to build sets, make costumes and perfect their performance, meeting up for rehearsals during lunchtime, after school and on weekends.

“It had a really positive impact on students teaching them commitment, teamwork and storytelling and they also learnt something about themselves and their environment through the creation and sharing of stories.

“The story sent the message, through dance and creative movement, that we can all live in harmony by showing respect, understanding and tolerance towards all people of all cultures,” he said.

Daniel said he saw dance and performance from an artistic, entertainment and message point of view; how it can teach students about themselves and the world around them.

“All as the kids had a profound experience and a vibrant memory they will have forever and that was our main goal,” he said.

To fulfill the requirements of the Wakakirri Festival schools follow set instructions that included a time limit, incorporating the use of recycled and reused items to create sets, props and costumes along with choosing music that depicted their story.

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