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United in walk for justice

Students celebrate their fundraising efforts during the annual Walk for Justice

STUDENTS from three Catholic schools in Ipswich united in a Walk for Justice to raise awareness about the harsh realities that thousands of women and children around the world faced daily.

Almost 300 students from St Mary’s Primary School, St Edmund’s College and St Mary’s College laced up their shoes and walked either 1km or 2kms while carrying bottles/buckets of water or bricks in solidarity with these women and children who sometimes need to cover many kilometres to fetch water, obtain food, get to school or market, or simply to survive.

As the staff and students prepared for the challenging walk, Ipswich Parish administrator Franciscan Father Stephen Bliss sent them off with a short reflection and prayer.

“Today we come together to think of those who travel many kilometres in harsh conditions to fetch water or obtain food,” Fr Bliss said.

“We can simply turn on a tap to access water,” he said.

“This is a luxury many men, women and children around the world cannot enjoy.”

In western society many of life’s necessities are often taken for granted.

People can access running water, electricity and produce from the comfort of our own homes.

The students walked through St Mary’s College with pride carrying their heavy buckets of water or bricks to symbolise some of the items carried by our brothers across the globe.

St Mary’s College Campus Minister Margareta Lemon, one of the coordinators of the annual walk, said the aim was to challenge the hearts and minds of students each year.

"It was brilliant to see so many students support the fundraiser," she said.

“Students participated enthusiastically, cheering and supporting each other on.”

To donate to Caritas, visit the website at:

“Every dollar helps,” she said.

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