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Wellbeing Week gets everyone involved

Students Vincent Louis and Emma Smith with some of the goodies handed out
as part of the college’s mental health service expo

WHEN it comes to mental health and physical wellbeing at St Benedict’s College, Mango Hill, everybody gets involved.

The theme for the college’s Wellbeing Week - “Getting Involved” - highlighted the importance of keeping both mentally and physically well for students and staff alike.

Guidance Counsellor Kim Rienecker said this theme was adopted to encourage participation by students and staff in all the activities provided during the week so an awareness of mind, body and spirit could be enhanced.

She said by getting everyone involved at the college they could develop connectedness and a sense of belonging.

“Research suggests the more connected a student feels to school or a staff member feels to their workplace, the greater their wellbeing, attendance and performance will be,” Kim said.

The week kicked off with a whole staff morning prayer session followed by a barbeque breakfast, while music from Radio SBC lifted the energy and mood of students as it created an atmosphere that achieved a sense of belonging and connectedness.

For students, most activities took place either before school or during lunch breaks,

It included pavement artwork; a pop-up library; a Give and Take wall; a communal dance; a giant chess tournament; and a student versus teacher basketball match, which the teachers won.

Midweek outside agencies, Kids Helpline, Headspace, Starfish Foundation, Beyondblue, Intercept, Noffs Foundation, and Clothes That Care, arrived for a dedicated Mental Health Service Expo armed with information, advice, support and encouragement for the students.

Staff received Mental Health First Aid training at a twilight in-service and enjoyed 15-minute head and neck massages.

Principal Claire McLaren said it was wonderful to see everybody getting involved in what was a great week of activities that connected not just students but staff and the rest of the extended college community.

“When we feel well connected and relaxed then life goes a little smoother and people are happier.

She said while there was a fun element to the week there also was a serious side with students learning about outside agencies specialising in adolescent support.

Student Jarvis Wickham and Lilly-Rose Murphy said it was all about getting involved during the week.

Jarvis said it was all about good music, good fun, good people and getting connected.

He said the activities that brought students and teachers together were a highlight.

“These activities, like the basketball challenge, helped us connect, bond and build better relationships with our teachers and it was so much fun too.”

Jarvis said he found the mental health service expo interesting with plenty of information on offer about mental health and physical wellbeing.

“As someone who is interested in personal training there was lots to see, read and hear about, including on body image, which I thought was very good because it’s something a lot of young people have to deal with,” he said.

Lilly-Rose said the expo was something she also really enjoyed.

“Starfish was one that stood out for me because the presenters were passionate about what they were talking about.”

Kim said reports following the week were very positive, especially from students.

“They loved the wide range of different opportunities that were provided.

“It goes without saying that Getting Involved was a mission accomplished,” she said.

Staff enjoyed a special lunch as part of their Wellbeing Week activities

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