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Learning Framework

The Learning Framework was developed as part of an ongoing process to support school communities as they implement an outcomes approach to teaching and learning. It is aligned with the Strategic Renewal Framework and articulates roles for lifelong learning.

The Learning Framework provides a beginning point for planning for learning at any level. It challenges and supports educators in our system to create learning opportunities that meet the needs of learners in our schools in the 21st century.

The Learning Framework has an overarching goal for learning:

“Empowering learners of all ages to shape and enrich our changing world by living the gospel of Jesus Christ”

The Learning Framework is used as an approach to planning, teaching, assessment, evaluation and reporting. It is supported by, and in turn supports many other elements within Brisbane Catholic Education. These include:

  • the Strategic Renewal Framework which provides the cohesive priorities for all within Brisbane Catholic Education 
  • Consistency of teacher Judgement processes
  • the Religious Education Outcomes
  • the gradual implementation of RM Curriculum Manager for electronic planning, recording, assessment and reporting

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