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The School Renewal Cycle

The BCE School Renewal Cycle details a series of linked processes whereby schools plan for, implement, review and report on renewal and improvement.


Strategic Plan: Each school maintains a 3-5 year strategic plan that details their school strategic goals.

Annual Action Plan: Each school develops an annual action plan that details the strategies to be implemented to achieve school goals.

Cyclic Review:  Schools annually and systematically review their effectiveness across components outlined in the CRI.

Annual Reporting: Schools report annually to their local community, archdiocese and external agencies as required.

Individual Performance Management: A range of processes assist employees to grow professionally while contributing to the mission of the school.


Cyclical Review

Cyclical Review is a key process within the School Renewal Cycle. The first five year cycle of Cyclical Review operated in Archdiocesan schools from 2008 - 2012 and a new five year cycle began in 2013. The current cycle of cyclic review is informed by the review instrument - Cyclical Review - Asking the Question: How Effective is our Catholic School.

Through cyclical review schools systematically review and measure their effectiveness across the four Archdiocesan strategic priorities; such review informs school improvement with a particular focus on the improvement of student learning.

Cyclical review enables each school to demonstrate to the Archdiocese and to relevant government authorities the quality and effectiveness of their educational provision and their commitment to ongoing improvement with a particular focus on improving student learning. 

The implementation of cyclical review is responsive to the different contexts of each school. Each school identifies the most effective way of engaging staff, students, parents and the local community in review conversations, for gathering and using data to inform evidence based judgements, and for prioritising and allocating resources towards improving student learning.

The work of cyclical review is a highly professional exercise that draws strength from the values of collaboration, subsidiarity, stewardship and mutual accountability, values which are named in our Strategic Renewal Framework.

Cyclic review encompasses both internal and external aspects.


Cyclic Review – Internal


Each year schools undertake an internal review of selected components from the Cyclical Review - Asking the Question: How Effective is our Catholic School instrument.

Each year, schools will usually review four components according to their five year schedule for cyclical review. 

Internal review engages staff and relevant school stakeholders (students, parents, parish and BCEO where relevant) in evidence based conversations around three fundamental questions.

  1. How are we going?
  2. How do we know?
  3. What are we going to do about it?

Schools through engaging with these questions will identify what each school does well and what they could do better. It is intended that in each year, the learning from internal review, will inform school annual action planning, annual reporting and external school review.

Internal school review is validated each year by a school’s area supervisor. Validation confirms that internal review was evidence based, engaged appropriate stakeholders and utilised the indicators of effectiveness to inform discussions and benchmark judgements on school effectiveness.


Cyclical Review - External

The external aspect of cyclical review provides an opportunity for a panel of educators, external to the school, to affirm, challenge and report on the effectiveness of the school’s engagement with internal review, the impact of internal review on school improvement, and the future directions for the improvement of student learning that the school has identified.

External review occurs once in each school’s five year cyclical review cycle. An external review report to the Executive Director, Catholic Education is an outcome of external school review.

A copy of the Cyclical Review - Asking the Question: How Effective is our Catholic School instrument is found here.

Further information on school renewal, improvement and reporting processes for Brisbane Catholic Education is available through contacting Enterprise Governance and Performance (07 3033 7424).


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