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Senior Schooling

Learners in the Senior years (Years 11 and 12) have complex lives, juggling their learning and living responsibilities as they face their future in an ever-changing world. Learners in the Senior years are generally aged 15 -19 years. They bring a variety of social, economic and cultural backgrounds, interests, aspirations, capabilities and prior learning experiences to their school environment.

These learners require a supportive learning environment that recognises and values involvement in learning, leadership, training, work and community responsibilities and supports them in articulating goals for their future learning and employment pathways.
Learning in the Senior years should equip the learners with:

  • the skill and disposition for self-directed life-long learning
  • the capacity to manage the early years of post-school living, learning and working
  • emotional intelligence and social maturity
  • capacity to collaborate and work together in a team
  • communication, critical thinking and problem solving
  • global understanding and citizenship including the broader issues of sustainability, the world of work and the relationship between living and working
  • entrepreneurialism, risk taking and creativity.

(Dr David Warner, 2010)

In Brisbane Catholic Education schools, another focus of the Senior years is post-school pathways – the transition to tertiary education or the workforce; and preparing our students to live in society as responsible and contributing adults.


Brisbane Catholic Education schools are ready to implement Queensland’s new QCE and Tertiary Entrance Systems.



For more information on Brisbane Catholic Education’s planning for the implementation of the new systems, please contact your school.

More information on the new systems is available at the following websites:

Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority: 

Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre




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