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Inclusive Education and Students with Disabilities
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What support is available for children with special needs?

It is our aim to meet the educational needs of all students enrolled in our schools.  Specialist support staff at the school will discuss your child’s educational needs with you and work to develop, implement and review individual education plans and programs.

Please make sure you contact the school's learning support team or principal to arrange a meeting to talk about what can be done to best support the needs of your child.


What do I do if I am not happy with the support that my child is receiving?

If you feel your child's needs are not being met, it is important that you speak to either the classroom teacher and/or specialist support teacher about your concerns.  They will work with you to adjust any plans in place, so your child's individual needs are supported into the future.


How much funding does the school receive for my child with a disability and how do I know that it is going to my child?

The amount of funding a school receives is based on the number of students enrolled at the school with a disability.

Funding is not allocated directly to students, rather schools are allocated the resources, with principals responsible for supporting the educational programs of all students with disability in their school.  Much of this resourcing comes in the form of staffing, professional development and the purchase of specialised equipment.

For more information, please contact your school's support teacher: inclusive education or the principal.


Why is there an enrolment application and support procedure?

For families of a child with a disability, finding the right school can be a daunting process.  The enrolment application and support procedure is set in place to clearly identify the needs of your child, and help assess if the school can provide the appropriate support for your child. Through the interview process, both families and the school will discuss and agree on what options are available to best support your child.

For further information on the enrolment process, please contact the school's Registrar, who will be able to provide detailed information on their enrolment process.

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