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Helpful information for families
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Student Protection

  • Our BCE Information for Families, provides an overview on student protection processes in BCE schools, including:Our Catholic Ethos
  • Work together to make sure students are protected
  • How our schools meet pastoral, policy and legal responsibilities
  • Legislation underpinning student protection in Queensland Catholic schools
  • Who to contact for help 
  • Online access to help and other resources

Further information is also available on the BCE Student Protection page.

Your school principal will be able to help you with any enquiries you have about Brisbane Catholic Education's student protection processes.

Bullying, Student Behaviour Support, Student Wellbeing

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) provides guidance and leadership so our schools can develop school specific policy and procedures.  As each of our schools are unique, school policies, procedures and guidelines are written to align with the values, vision & mission of each individual school.

It is important that you talk to your child's school if you have any questions or concerns about processes and procedures.  Here is some general information that may help when you are having a conversation with the school.


BCE Preventing and Responding to Student Bullying in Schools Policy

Student Behaviour Support Plan

BCE Student Behaviour Support Policy

Student Wellbeing


National Safe Schools Framework 

National Safe Schools Student Wellbeing Hub

Cyber Safety

Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner


Enrolments and Inclusive Education

The Brisbane Archdiocese provides direction and help to Catholic schools to develop a just and equitable enrolment policy.  Although Each school is unique, and enrolment policies can vary from school to school. They are based on the principles in the Catholic Education Commission Student Enrolment Policy and the Catholic Education Council Students with Disabilities Policy Statement.

Each school publishes its enrolment policy on its website.  You can also talk to the school for more information on their enrolment processes.

Our Inclusive Education website page has more information about enrolling children with special education needs.



The Catholic Education Council of the Archdiocese sets minimum recommended fees and charges on an annual basis.  These recommended levels are used as a guide by schools when setting their own fees and levies which are set each year.

If you have concerns relating to school fees, concessions, exceptions or debt collection proceedings, it is recommended that contact with the school is made, as all school fee matters are dealt with at the individual school level.

Some schools in the Brisbane Archdiocese are registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) to enroll full fee-paying students from overseas.  For more information about applying for enrolment, please contact one of our CRICOS registered schools.


Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Statement will give you information on:

  • The personal information a school collects,
  • How a school will use the personal information you provide,
  • Who a school might provide information to,
  • How a school treats sensitive information, and;
  • The management and security of personal information.

Your school principal can help with further information on the way Brisbane Catholic Education manages the personal information it holds.  The principal can also help with any concerns you may have about how Brisbane Catholic Education (including schools) has complied with the Australian Privacy Principles.​​

Brisbane Catholic Education Office

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