Governance Structure


In 2019, a range of governance committees contributed to the efficient and effective governance of Brisbane Catholic Education and assisted the organisation in discharging its responsibilities through transparency of decision making and management of risk.

The following committees operated in accordance with approved terms of reference.

Executive Director Leadership Team Catholic Education Council Finance Committee Catholic Education Council Information Steering Committee Learning Services Strategy Committee Risk Management Steering Committee School Development Committee


Catholic Education Council

In 2019, the Catholic Education Council acted as an advisory body to the Archbishops and Brisbane Catholic Education, and:

  • provided advice on the responsibilities, polices and priorities of Brisbane Catholic Education
  • monitored policy implementation in schools for which Brisbane Catholic Education is responsible and where appropriate, policy regarding religious education in Religious Institute schools
  • provided oversight to policies, procedures and systems to safeguard assets, ensure accuracy and reliability of records and ensure adherence to Archdiocesan policies.

We welcome the Catholic Education Council’s incoming Chair Mrs Jenny Parker.

Further information and biographies of
current and incoming members


Catholic Education Council Finance Committee

During the year, the Catholic Education Council Finance Committee provided advice and recommendations in relation to the Archdiocesan community of schools in the areas of recurrent, capital and special purpose funds administered by Brisbane Catholic Education for parish and Archdiocesan schools.

The committee provided advice and guidance to Catholic Education Council on financial strategy development, forward financial planning, budget policies and parameters, and financial reporting frameworks and evaluated:

  • strategic financial objectives and annual budgets
  • established and proposed priorities underpinning objectives and budgets
  • parameters and assumptions supporting objectives and budgets
  • short and long-term budget implications.

As part of the Brisbane Catholic Education organisational design review, the Catholic Education Council Finance Committee ceased operations at the end of 2019, with responsibilities transferring to the Catholic Education Council.


Internal governance committees

The following internal governance committees operated in 2019:

  • Information Steering Committee: ensured an enterprise approach to ICT strategy and investment that supports delivery of Brisbane Catholic Education’s strategic objectives.
  • Learning Services Strategy Committee: ensured an enterprise-wide and integrated approach to the development, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the program of work arising from the Brisbane Catholic Education Strategic Plan 2017-20 priorities for Strong Catholic Identity and Excellent Learning and Teaching.
  • Risk Management Steering Committee: provided oversight, coordination and evaluation of matters relating to enterprise-wide risk management.
  • School Development Committee: provided proactive, responsive and strategic advice for property provision, acquisition, construction and attribute change for proposed new and existing schools.