Progress and Achievement


Advance, Accelerate and Innovate

In 2019, Advance, Accelerate and Innovate were the key projects to grow student progress and achievement.

Brisbane Catholic Education congratulates all 2019 learners for a successful year, which reflects the hard work, energy and commitment of our teachers and leaders.

Student learning data in 2019 were particularly positive for the key focus areas of reading and writing, with significant growth in achievement evident across the monitoring tools. Schools participating in Accelerate worked toward embedding effective leadership and teaching practices and this resulted in student progress in literacy.


Write Up!

This middle years’ writing project provided a framework to develop teacher understanding and confidence with the explicit teaching of literacy within curriculum learning areas. Teachers in participating secondary schools engaged with a blended model of professional learning specifically focussed on progressing the literacy capabilities of students. Write up has seen impact on teacher understanding and confidence in the teaching of writing across curriculum areas and continues to impact on student engagement and progress in writing.


Languages Learning

The Languages Vision 2019-2020 provides clear strategic focus on connecting worlds through language and culture to nurture each student to become an inclusive leader who connects linguistically and culturally at an individual, local and global level. In 2019, access to language instruction for all students in Years 5-8 was a focus to support students to develop a deep understanding of their own and others’ identity, language and culture at an individual, local and global level. New and ongoing partnerships, including interstate teams, continued to support the languages program. Another key focus was the development of visible and vibrant languages program in all schools, which has led to greater student engagement and the formation of interculturally sensitive global citizens.


New Queensland Certificate of Education Implementation

The Queensland Certificate of Education and Tertiary Entrance System began implementation with Year 11 students in 2019. The transition to the new Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance System is a significant project requiring extensive professional learning in the areas of syllabus familiarisation, program and assessment development, and vocational learning and pathways advice. The introduction of QCAA quality assurance roles (endorsers, confirmers, external exam writers and markers), and processes to support the administration of the new system have been a focus of external QCAA and internal BCE professional learning support.


Online learning

Brisbane Catholic Education trialled an online learning project to offer flexible learning and improve equitable education opportunities for all Brisbane Catholic Education senior students. The project identified a number of schools to host the delivery of ten subjects across the diocese to students in 13 schools. Subjects ranged from science, maths, languages, arts and humanities. The success of this project has been reflected in outstanding student results.