Reflecting our commitment to excellence in all pursuits, Brisbane Catholic Education is proud to present our staff awards. 

Excellenc​​e Awards 

In 2015, Brisbane Catholic Education introduced our Excellence Awards, to celebrate those who contribute to our mission, vision and performance. Nominations are open to all staff.  


Retiree​​s’ Awards 

Employees working in Brisbane Catholic Education who are retiring or resigning and have attained 20 years or more of full-time equivalent service, are honoured at the annual Long Serving Retirees’ Awards Ceremony. 

Service Aw​​​ards 

Our annual Service Awards acknowledge 20, 30, 40 and 50 years of dedication to Catholic Education. 

Spirit of Catholic Educ​ation Awards 

Across Queensland, individuals or teams –staff members, parents/carers or volunteers - who are making an outstanding contribution to the life of the school community in one or more areas are recognised with The Spirit of Catholic Award