About the Mt Carmel Centre


At the opening ceremony on 8 August 1915, His Grace Archbishop James Duhig emphasised to his parish the important role of schools and education in the Church’s activities and ministries.

So it was with great pride that in the year of the 100th anniversary, we welcomed this captivating and significant building into our community of teaching and learning venues, and commissioned an extensive restoration program to ensure the story of its service could continue.

These restoration works took nearly three years to complete and created new meeting, training and social rooms that deliver contemporary technology in a graceful yesteryear setting.

The Convent was home to the Sisters of Mercy who devoted their life to education, and like us, believed that through teaching and challenging, we transform individuals and create a better future.

Our vision today is for the Mt Carmel Convent to keep the tradition of learning alive and for the building to remain a cornerstone of the community.

Now known as the Mt Carmel Centre, she is open to you to explore, gather and learn in her second century of life.