​​​​Brisbane Catholic Education is led by the Executive Director and is comprised of four directorates, each responsible for different facets of the organisation’s support for schools.

Office of the Executive Director

Responsible for the initiation, monitoring and integration of service delivery and governance across the organisation.

Executive Director: Pam Betts

Executive Support Team

  • Executive Assistant: Colleen Austin
  • Senior Executive Services Officer: Jo Butler
Communications and Marketing
  • Senior Manager - Communication and Marketing: Liliana Montague
  • Senior Communications and Marketing Officer: Catherine Shipton
Enterprise Governance and Performance
  • Chief Enterprise Governance and Performance Officer: Donalee Moriarty
  • Manager - Strategy and Planning: Carly Palmer
  • Manager - Risk and Compliance: Paula Bentley
  • Manager - Governance and Policy: Scott Harrison
  • Manager - Program Coordination: Jeremy Hibbert


Learning Services

Leads and manages policy development, strategic directions, resourcing and specialist professional support for learning and teaching services, including religious education and spiritual formation within and across schools and colleges.

Deputy Executive Director: Dr Doug Ashleigh

  • Executive Assistant: Jane Codd
  • Executive Officer: David Greig

School Services, as part of Learning Services, provides educational leadership, services and support to principals and Catholic school communities.

Director - School Services (North Lakes): Paul Thornton

  • Executive Services Support Coordinator: Bron Coe

Director - School Services (Springwood): Catherine Thompson (Acting)

  • Executive Services Support Coordinator: Carolyn Garozzo

Senior Leaders - Learning and Identity

Senior Leaders - Learning and Identity work with the Directors and staff of School Services to provide leadership and support to a designated cluster of schools. They promote authentic Catholic schools as centres of quality learning and teaching by supervising, monitoring and mentoring the principal and school leadership team.

  • Cluster 1: Trevor Doyle
  • Cluster 2: Martina Millard
  • Cluster 3: Michael Kelleher
  • Cluster 4: Anne McKenny
  • Cluster 5: Paul Leeson
  • Cluster 6: Paula Goodwin
  • Cluster 7: Karen Harrison
  • Cluster 8: Alain Pitot
  • Cluster 9: Vyv Menegon
  • Cluster 10: David Cashman
  • Cluster 11: Brett Horton


Learning and Teaching

  • Principal Education Officer: Mary Tsourounakis
  • Principal Education Officer: Kathy Shelton
  • Principal Education Officer: Kim Summers

Identity, Mission and Religious Education

  • Principal Education Officer: Dr Jill Gowdie
  • Principal Education Officer: Dr Leigh Stower


Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides financial, business, school development and information services to the Brisbane Catholic Education schools and office sites.

Director - Administrative Services: Michael Kearney

Administrative Services

  • Executive Assistant: Judy Clark
  • Project Manager BCEO Relocation (Change Management): Jenny Adams
Information Services
  • Chief Information Officer: Warren Armitage
  • Manager - Information and Planning: Ken Sawers
  • Manager - Information Systems: Jeff Peters
  • Manager - Operations and Network Services: Ville Laakso
  • Manager - Business Information Services: Kerry Edwards-Williams
  • Manager - School Information Services: Sharyn Creed

School Development Services

  • Manager - School Development Services: Mark Allen
  • Senior Education Officer - Future School Planning: Dr Margaret Lee
  • Senior Education Officer - Future School Planning: Peter McKee
  • Senior Building Officer - Capital Programs: Peter Allan
  • Senior Property Advisor: Mitchell Hendricks
Business Services
  • Manager - Business Services: Jenny Adams
  • Manager - Fr Bernard O’Shea In-service Centre and Mt Carmel Centre: Tom Hannawi
Financial Services
  • Chief Financial Officer: Deborah Wilde
  • Manager - Financial Accounting Services: Kerry Roche
  • Manager - School Financial Support: Trevor Reid

School Operations

School Operations supports cluster area supervisors with improvement of processes, principal appraisals, external reviews, cyclical review compliance audits and operational induction and support of principals.

  • Senior Leader - School Operations: Greg Casey
  • Senior Leader - School Operations: Tricia Kennedy


Employee Services

Employee Services is responsible for the provision of services relating to employment, payroll and legal processes that impact on our schools.

Director - Employee Services: Peter Hill

Employee Services
  • Executive Assistant: Angela Smith
  • Senior Manager - Professional Services: John O’Dwyer
Employee Relations
  • Manager - Employee Relations: Colin O’Neill
Recruitment Services
  • Manager - Recruitment Services: Moira McGarva
Health and Safety Services
  • Manager - Health and Safety Services: Michelle Walker
Organisational Development
  • Manager - Organisational Development: Dr Stephen Hart
Payroll Administration Services
  • Manager - Payroll Administrative Services: Karen Du Bois
Professional Standards and Student Protection
  • Manager - Professional Standards and Student Protection: Alison Jeffries