Creating the Future

Pam Betts - Executive Director, Catholic Education Archdiocese of Brisbane

Our 2018 story enables our organisation and communities to pause and reflect on the remarkable moments and special nature of the work Brisbane Catholic Education is engaged in.

Inspired by the Year of the Youth, our students embraced, celebrated and engaged across several activities. Pope Francis invites us all to cultivate an attitude of listening, encouraging the growth of freedom to present our point of view. Our vision is to inspire students with a love of learning and a heart of hope, empowering them to shape and enrich our world. In doing so we empower our students to speak and we stand ready to listen attentively to their voice and act accordingly.

In 2018, we adopted a new School Improvement Framework to support the school improvement process so that we all continue to grow and maximise educational outcomes. School improvement in Brisbane Catholic Education is based on the belief that every child can learn, given the appropriate support and time, and that every teacher can grow, given similar support and time.

Alongside our communities, we continued to imagine a new future with the Vision Beyond 2020 Project. We are in changing times, and the development of a new vision will ensure our schools continue to excel in every way into the future.

Our work, in whatever capacity, helps transform the lives of young people across the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Thank you to all our staff for their contribution to the mission of Catholic education. Ours is sacred and important work. We strive for excellence, act with integrity, seek justice and embrace the future with hope.

I thank Archbishop Mark Coleridge and Monsignor Peter Meneely for their support of Brisbane Catholic Education and acknowledge the important work of the Catholic Education Council and the valuable contribution and legacy of outgoing Catholic Education Council Chair, Dr Mark Sayers.

It is with pride that I present the Brisbane Catholic Education 2018 Annual Report.

Mission, Vision and Values

Brisbane Catholic Education is committed to high quality teaching and learning for more than 70,000 young people enrolled in our schools and colleges from Prep to Year 12.


Brisbane Catholic Education's mission is to teach, challenge and transform through services, support and leadership for Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Brisbane.


As a community of faith, Brisbane Catholic Education inspires students with a love of learning and a heart of hope, empowering them to shape and enrich our world.



Inspired by our Catholic tradition, we strive for excellence.


As witnesses to the Good News of Jesus Christ, we act ethically.


As people of faith, we foster respectful relationships, advocating for and empathising with those at the margins.


Empowered by the Spirit, we embrace the future with confidence.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is focused on meeting the needs of Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

Through strong governance and an emphasis on strategic stewardship, our Leadership Team ensures Brisbane Catholic Education has effective systems and processes in place to maximise the outcomes of students. The organisation is divided into four directorates: Learning Services, which includes School Services and School Operations, Employee Services, Administrative Services and Office of the Executive Director.

Miss Pam Betts Executive Director
Dr Doug Ashleigh Deputy Executive Director
Mr Peter Hill Director - Employee Services
Mr Michael Kearney Director - Administrative Services
Mr Paul Allen Director - School Operations
Mr Derek Maclean Director - School Services (Springwood)
Dr Paul Thornton Director - School Services (North Lakes)

Fast Facts

Brisbane Catholic Education is a vibrant learning community comprised of schools educating young people across the Archdiocese of Brisbane.
of students in the Archdiocese of Brisbane attend a Brisbane Catholic Education school.
139 Schools
71,655 Students
11,706 Employees

A Strong Catholic Identity

Education which integrates faith, life and culture in a meaningful way.
Catholic identity is a keystone for the evangelising mission of all Catholic education communities. It is expressed in:
  • the holistic formation of students
  • curriculum, the learning environment and the religious life of our schools and offices
  • the formation of staff to support, teach and lead
  • the engagement of parents, parish and wider community
  • strategic planning and community culture
  • policies, structures, processes and practices.
Our Strengthen Catholic Identity Strategy assists schools and office communities to better understand how their Catholic identity is expressed and to be intentional about developing that identity through every facet within the community.

The Strategy encompasses four dimensions: mission, formation, learning and teaching, and culture.

Excellent Learning and Teaching

Our committed educators are responsive to contemporary learning demands of literacy, numeracy, social and emotional needs, innovative technology, 21st century skills, and always promote a safe and creative environment for our learners to thrive.
Through the Excellent Learning and Teaching Moving Forward Strategy we seek to:
  • inspire high expectations for learning that grow engagement and wellbeing
  • progress achievement for each student in literacy and numeracy
  • educate for learners who are successful, creative and confident, active and informed and empowered to shape the world.

Building a Sustainable Future

Together, we are creating an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future; our strategic direction is fostered by transparency, accountability and compliance.
The world is evolving and changing at a rapid pace, and we must prepare our students to be agile, grow and enrich the future world. In 2018 Brisbane Catholic Education started work on a new Vision, using Pope Francis’ vision for the future of the Catholic Church as a guide - ‘We are not living an era of change, but a change of era’.


Good governance is fundamental to continuously improving and achieving excellence.
Brisbane Catholic Education is responsible for the administration and management of all Archdiocesan and parish schools in the Brisbane Archdiocese. Governance encompasses the framework of processes, policies and systems to ensure informed decision-making, accountability and transparency.

Our governance practices are focused on meeting the needs of our students, school community, future sustainability and always with a strong Catholic identity.
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Finance Report

Combining effective accountability with financial forecasting to ensure sustainability and growth.
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Celebration and Awards