Initiatives - People and Capability

Build sustainability through people and capability.

Developing great leaders

Brisbane Catholic Education recognises that high quality leadership is pivotal to delivering the best outcomes for young Australians. In 2018, we redesigned our leadership program to align to the organisation’s values of excellence, integrity, justice and hope. The new program and framework broaden the view of leadership in Brisbane Catholic Education and supports the development of leadership qualities in staff at all levels of the organisation.

The Leadership Framework is organised over seven modules, and:

  • challenges school and office employees to consider how they lead and influence at a team level.

  • provides leaders with the opportunity for individual spiritual formation to deepen their identity as a leader within the contemporary Catholic context.

  • is underpinned by coaching, with participants engaging with the new Leadership 360 tool to provide feedback on their capabilities and ensure individual leadership goal achievement.

  • includes expert presenters and professional readings to support participants to consolidate their theoretical understanding and develop practical ways of putting this into practice.

Learning diversity

The Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2017-20 included initiatives in 2018 that supported continuous improvement and growth at individual, team and organisational levels to build a diverse workforce and adopt inclusive practices through three initiatives:

  • Improve diversity and inclusion

  • Improve the number of women in leadership

  • Continue the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reconciliation journey.

The strategy explicitly commits to providing an inclusive workplace culture where all staff are valued and recognised for their unique qualities, ideas, perspectives and skills they bring to the workplace.

Healthy and safe workplace

Brisbane Catholic Education embodies a culture that values health and safety as an enabler to the delivery of quality, inclusive and contemporary Catholic education. Our approach to safety and wellbeing is founded on the idea of personal commitment and individual empowerment.

Focus during 2018 has been on managing risks in high risk curriculum areas, grounds and maintenance work, improving safety awareness, culture and wellbeing, and enhancing the safety management system.