Initiatives - Stewardship

Ensure stewardship of resources with transparency, accountability and compliance.

Vision Beyond 2020 project

During 2018, we prioritised time to consider the future of Brisbane Catholic Education through the Vision Beyond 2020 project, with engagement across the diocese to consider who we are, what we do, why we do it, and imagining a new future.

Our strengths and opportunities were explored in the BCE Listens Surveys. Parents, students, and staff were asked ‘how should BCE look and feel in the future’. Thousands of people gave their time and thought to the extensive consultation process which resulted in much useful information.

The next Brisbane Catholic Education Strategic Plan will represent the efforts, knowledge and time of our people, our partners and our local communities, who will have contributed to shape the future direction of the Brisbane Catholic Education.

Ten Year New School Development Program 2018-27

South-East Queensland is earmarked for significant population growth over coming decades and Brisbane Catholic Education has positioned itself to prepare and strategically plan for new schools over a ten-year horizon period.

In 2018, the New School Development Program 2018-27 commenced, aligning with the State Government’s population projections to 2036 this program emphasises the need to cater for projected growth in expansion and consolidation areas largely within South East Queensland. The Program is a rolling and agile schedule which is reviewed annually to enable prioritisation and an understanding of need.

Boosting digital skills

Our Digital Strategy 2017-20 aims to enhance the use of our available digital resources whilst leveraging emerging technologies to support the changing needs and expectations of staff, students and parents.

The strategy continued in 2018 with the School Staff Digital Skills Development Program, with the aim to build teachers’ capabilities in core information communication technology skills and digital literacy. Participants reported a measurable increase in digital skills, along with other benefits of increased use of the technology and hardware, improvements in technical support arrangements as a result of technical readiness conversations, and more active technology planning to inform future equipment needs for the schools.