Initiatives - Engagement

Attendance Matters

In 2018, student attendance rates remained static for all students, noting that attendance rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student attendance has decreased marginally since 2016.

You said and BCE listened

During 2018, the Listens Survey of students, parents and carers, and staff provided information about perceptions and experiences of Brisbane Catholic Education. Over 43,000 people completed the survey and contributed to an improved future of delivering high-quality, life-enriching, Catholic education.

The survey confirmed satisfaction with Brisbane Catholic Education:

  • 98% of office staff and 96% of school staff were happy with their decision to work at BCE

  • 90% of parents were happy with their decision to send their children to a BCE school

  • 84% of students were happy to be at their school.

Further, the survey confirmed our strength in relationships, particularly:

  • students’ relationships with their teachers and peers

  • staff relationships with peers and leaders, and the social support provided in the workplace.

The survey data will inform a range of future projects and processes, including

  • a new Vision for Brisbane Catholic Education

  • the Brisbane Catholic Education Strategic Plan 2021-24

  • improved school and directorate planning

  • individual performance and development.

  • improved governance processes, including policy, risk and compliance management

The Survey also provided insights into students’, staff and parents’ opinions about the religious life of Brisbane Catholic Education schools and office. Results indicated a strong Catholic Identity amongst staff and parents, with an opportunity to deepen this amongst students. Schools are well positioned to make significant progress towards a strong Catholic Identity in future years, as a result of the comprehensive school planning data now available and the provision of tailored guidance and support.