Initiatives - Progress and Achievement

School Improvement Framework

In 2018 all schools commenced planning under the new School Improvement Framework, which supports schools to maximise educational outcomes and grow a culture of improvement. The framework combines a continuous school improvement cycle, with integrated planning, reporting and review processes. The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) National School Improvement Tool (NSIT) is at the heart of the Framework, and during the year 27 schools participated in an external school review using this tool.

Advance, Accelerate and Innovate

Advance, Accelerate and Innovate are the key projects to grow student progress and achievement. Brisbane Catholic Education congratulates all our 2018 learners for a successful year, which reflects the hard work, energy and commitment of our teachers and leaders.

Results in 2018 were particularly positive for reading and writing, with growth in achievement across most monitoring tools, with all Accelerate Literacy Learning schools improving.

NuMa@BCE, where every learner counts

The Numeracy and Mathematics Strategy 2018-20 was launched to build confidence and competence for the application of lifelong numeracy skills, with a focus on responsive leadership, effective teaching and engaged learners of numeracy and mathematics.

When teachers identify and make explicit the numeracy demands across learning areas, students have opportunities to transfer their mathematical knowledge and skills to contexts outside the Mathematics curriculum. These opportunities help students recognise the interconnected nature of learning more broadly.

Remarkable Moments

Brisbane Catholic Education schools celebrated their Remarkable Moments in learning on 9 November 2018, focussing on the unique achievements of students and recognising the commitment to learning growth by teachers and staff.

A focal point of celebration this year was the Remarkable Moments picture book, illustrated by award winning illustrator, Heidi Cooper Smith, and inspired by the students of Brisbane Catholic Education schools.