Early Career Teacher Program

Brisbane Catholic Education is committed to supporting Early Career Teachers as they begin their career and help them make their mark!

When you join Brisbane Catholic Education as an Early Career Teacher, you will have access to our Early Career Teacher program which will support you as you transition from Graduate to the Proficient Career Stage, based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers focusing on four key areas:
  • Professional practices
  • Professional identity
  • Wellbeing, and
  • Orientation.
The program will be structured by our team of dedicated experts and respond to the needs of our Early Career Teachers across our network of schools and ensure you receive the professional development and wellbeing support you need as you begin your career.  The program will include but is not limited to:
  • The allocation of a designated Companion Teacher providing day to day support
  • Allocated release time to attend professional learning and development sessions
  • System led forums and network days providing the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts and your ECT peers
  • The use of mobile technology to quickly seek feedback on your professional practice, development and general wellbeing to inform and enhance the program.​