Graduate - FAQs

Are all Catholic schools part of Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE)?

No, as some Catholic schools are not owned and administered by BCE.

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Do I need to be Catholic?

Where there is a genuine occupational requirement, such as full time classroom teachers in Primary and teachers of religion and religion related subjects in Secondary, the teacher must be Catholic.

Where the teaching of religion is not a requirement of the position, such as a music specialist or manual arts teacher, all applicants may be considered.

All teachers within Brisbane Catholic Education must be supportive of the Catholic ethos.

Please refer to Anti Discrimination Legislation


How does BCE define being a Catholic?

A Catholic is someone who has been baptised in the Catholic church.



I missed the Graduate Teacher Program, can I still get a teaching job with BCE?

Yes. The Graduate Teacher Program is just one employment opportunity available. You can apply for any advertised vacancy as well as register for relief teaching with BCE.


Do I need written referee reports?

Written referee reports are only required for the Graduate Teacher Program.


Do I need to be studying education this year?

Yes, to be eligible to apply to the Graduate Teacher Program, you must be graduating from a preservice education degree for the specific year of the program.  E.g. A 2018 Graduate would be someone graduating mid or end of year 2018 and available to commence working in 2018 or the beginning of the 2019 school year.


Do I have to complete tertiary study in Religious Education before I can work with BCE?

No. Please refer to the Teacher Accreditation Requirements page for more information.


What do I do if I want to update my Primary Graduate Process application?

The Primary Graduate Process application may be edited up until the closing date. If the application closing time has passed, email all additional documentation to Employment Services and Strategic Human Resources.


I accidentally submitted my Primary Graduate Process application before I was finished.

You do not need to withdraw your application as the Primary Graduate Process application may be edited up until the closing date. Ensure you save your changes. 


My file will not upload to my application, what can I do?

Your file size may be too large, there is a limit of 3MB per file for uploading to your application. Try other file types including converting to PDF or Word.

Remove any punctuation from your file name.


Is there a general BCE opinion regarding visible tattoos? 

If the tattoo is not a problem with the local school community in which you are working, then it's not a problem.  Tattoos of course would need to be consistent with the professional expectations of teachers and teachers in Catholic schools.


Can you be divorced and work for Brisbane Catholic Education?

Yes, you can work for us if you are divorced and we have a number of divorced people working for us?


Can you be openly gay or in a long term cohabitation while unmarried and work with Brisbane Catholic Education?

We are an organisation of approximately 11,500 employees and like any large organisation we have people with a wide variety of personal lives working for us.  We do ask that all employees have an understanding and support for the mission, values and ethos of Catholic Education.  Equally, all employees must ensure that they avoid any influence on students that is contrary to the teachings of the Chruch.



Are class sizes any smaller in BCE Schools?

Class sizes vary according to the specific needs of the school and whether the shoolis primary or secondary.  In secondary, class sizes can vary significatnly depending on the subject.  On average, there would not be any significant differences between class sizes in a BCE school and class sizes in a state school in the


Am I required to move schools within BCE?

Once you have a permanent position with BCE you are not required to move, unless your teaching position becomes supernumerary - this would occur, for example, if enrolments dropped and the number of teachers could not be supported within the school.  If this were to occur, a process would take place in consultation with the Teacher and School Leadership to identify another position, in another BCE school that suited the teacher, e.g. close to home etc.  This situation is rare.  Other than that, there is no mandatory movement system.