REAP Pre-Service Program

​​​Religious Education Accreditation Program (REAP) – Advice for Pre-Service Teachers

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) seeks to hire the best teachers, be it from a Catholic or secular university.  To support students interested in a career with BCE, we provide the REAP Pre-Service program.

REAP Pre-Service is an optional 3-hour session designed for pre-service teachers who are in their final year of study and interested in teaching in a Catholic school. The course provides an introduction to Brisbane Catholic Education’s RE Curriculum and the extensive professional learning programs that BCE provides on religious education to commencing teachers.

To teach in a Brisbane Catholic Education school, you are not required to have training in teaching religious education before you are appointed to a role.  Professional Learning in religious education is provided through a range of courses, including REAP Inservice, to teachers after appointment.

In Brisbane Catholic Education, being Catholic is regarded as a genuine occupational requirement for teachers of religion as noted within the Anti-Discrimination Act, Qld, 1991* and only Catholic teachers will be considered for roles involving the teaching of religion.  For Example:


  • All full-time primary classroom teachers teach religion (except specialist teachers e.g. Music)


  • All teachers teaching subjects containing religious education e.g. religious education, religion and ethics and study of religion
  • Teachers of other subjects in secondary e.g. Maths, Science, English are not required to be Catholic.

However, all teachers, regardless of the disciplines they teach, are required to demonstrate a commitment to the values and ethos of Catholic Education and we encourage all teachers, regardless of religion or university attended, to learn about religious education through the REAP Pre-Service program.


We invite you to join us at REAP Pre-Service on either of the following dates:

  • Saturday 19th June 2021 - 9.00am to 12.00pm (Face to Face session)
    • Venue:  ​The Fr Bernard O'Shea Inservice Centre, 19 Lovedale Street, Wilston, Qld 4051
  • Tuesday 22nd June 2021 - 4.00pm to 7.00pm​ (Live, online via Microsoft Teams)
    • Please note: a link to the meeting will be emailed after registrations close)

Cost: Free of charge

Registrations open: Register now​
Registrations close:  Wednesday 16th June 2021.  For further information please call 07 3033 7584.​

*Refer Section 25, Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (QLD)