View a video Overview of the Catching Fire formation programs and individuals speaking about their experience of the programs.

Catching Fire Staff Formation is designed as a targeted approach to formation within school communities.

Schools self-select to participate in Catching Fire and commit to a four-year involvement.

The key staff who participate directly in the Catching Fire programs provide a catalyst for animating the whole school staff community.

The vision for Catching Fire is the personal and professional transformation of individuals and communities.

The 3 distinct Catching Fire programs are each connected to vocation and context, and designed to meet people ‘where they are’:
  • Guiding Lights – for principals and school leadership
  • Keepers of the Flame – for experienced teachers
  • Spirit Fire – for ‘initiators’ within the school community
In addition, the Facilitators Formation program develops the skills and attitudes associated with being a facilitator of formation and reflection experiences.