The BCE Le​uv​
en Pr​oject Process


Schools that engage directly with the BCE Leuven Project will participate in a  process that will involve data collection via five online surveys. These surveys are:

For a full explanation of the surveys related to the scales please click on the link to access page - ‘What are the Surveys?’.  

Schools will engage in targeted professional learning, generation of individual school reports by the Catholic University of Leuven, assistance with the interpretation of the data presented as well as development of strategic goals​​ based on the recommendations in the report.

Ongoing support will be provided to schools after their initial engagement in the project to enable continued implementation of the recommendations from the Leuven report. ​​Members of the Professional Learning, Formation and Leadership Team and Religious Education Services Team, together with Area Supervisors will be key contact points for schools that are engaging in this project.


Participation Phases of the Project


An annual timeline​ is provided as a guide for implementation and within this there are three main phases that schools / offices will journey through while engaging in the BCE Leuven Project. 

Research Phase

Planning Phase

  • Reports are generated and sent to school (usually in Term 4)
  • Schools attend the Theology and Practice Workshop to unpack the theology and data presented in school reports.
  • Members of the Professional Learning, Formation and Leadership Team together with members of the Religious Education Services Team will visit schools to assist with strategic planning based on the conclusions and recommendations of the school report.

 Action Ph​ase

  • S​chools put the goals and strategies into action with support from BCEO personnel.
  • Review and reflect on the goals and strategic actions
  • Re-plan and adjust as required.