Strengthen Catholic Identity  Position Statement.


The Purpose of the BCE Position Statement is to outline the strategic position embraced by BCE for the strengthening of its Catholic identity into the future.

BCE adopts a re-contextualised understanding of Catholic identity. This is defined by engagement with secular and pluralist contexts and articulation of a holistic Catholic identity within those contexts. It is supported by the two key drivers of dialogue and a symbolic understanding of religion.

The Position Statement builds upon the Strengthen Catholic Identity Shape Paper and put the focus for each BCE School and Office community on the following areas: Mission; Formation; Learning and Teaching; Culture. ​​​

To access the BCE Strengthen Catholic Identity Position Paper click on the image below.



​To assist school and office communities to unpack the Position Statement a simple processing activity has been developed. Please click on the link below to access this activity which will take about 20mins. 

Strengthening Catholic Identity Position Statement Processing Activity​

To access the Glossary of Terms please click on the link below. 

Glossary_ Position Statement.pdf​