How to Compl​ete the Surveys


As part of the BCE Dialogue Schools Project, students, parents and staff in participating schools will complete a set of surveys that are used to assess the Catholic identity of the school. The results of the surveys provide a starting point for the exploration and subsequent dialogue around strengthening the Catholic identity of the school.

When an individual completes the survey process they will receive their own individual graphs that display their results. It is recommended that participants either print out or save to their computer, a copy of their results for future reference. 

Please be assured that all data is confidential 
and that individual responses cannot be identified.

Participating schools will be provided with access and entry codes for participants to  access the surveys.

Below you will find a link that provides instructions on how to access the surveys. This document can be customised by individual schools.

Completing your Personal Survey - ECSIP  



 If you require further assistance please contact the 

Identity, Mission & Religious Education Services Team.

Phone:  (07) 3033 7388  /  (07) 3033 7620​​​​​​​​​​​​​