Strengthen Catholic Identity Strategy 


Strengthen Catholic Identity is a key strategy of Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE). This is one of three key strategic initiatives in conjunction with Deliver Excellent Learning and Teaching (DELT) and Drive Responsible Stewardship.

The purpose of this strategy is to assist school and office communities to better understand how their Catholic identity is expressed and to be intentional about developing that identity through every facet within the community. Schools and BCEO are already engaging in various activities that seek to enhance Catholic identity e.g. Religious Education Curriculum, Catching Fire Programs​ and the Religious Life of the School. 

​​​​This strategy provides an umbrella and integrating design for these activities. In particular, this strategy seeks to support the distinctiveness and vision of Catholic schools as they contribute to the rich cultural and religious diversity of today’s world.


 The Position Statement​ was released in March 2016 and clearly outlines the strategic position embraced by BCE for the strengthening of its Catholic identity into the future. 

The Position Statement names the following goals:

  • ​That a re-contextualist perspective permeates all structures, processes, learning and teaching initiatives in school and office communities.

  • that all BCE leaders are formed to animate a Catholic world-view.

  • that a contemporary Catholic world-view is identifiable in learning and teaching, in the formation of staff and students, in the culture of all communities and in the articulation and lived-out mission of Brisbane Catholic Education.

  • That the rich diversity of Catholic expression in our school communities is sustained and supported in ways that invite innovative and creative engagement. 

The Shape Paper is the key document that provides the background, rationale and overview for the Strengthen Catholic Identity Strategy.


Within the shape paper, the BCE system-wide approach to strengthening Catholic identity includes four streams of focussed engagement:

​​Catholic Identity and Mission
Enriching our witness!

Catholic Identity and Formation
Forming our staff and students!

Catholic Identity, Learning and Teaching
Shaping our curriculum!

Catholic Identity and Culture
Growing our communities!