The BCE Dialogue Schools Project 

  The Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) Dialogue Schools Project is the name given to the project for those schools engaging directly with the materials (in particular the surveys) of the Enhancing Catholic Schools Identity Project (ECSIP) as developed through the joint collaboration between the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and the Catholic University of Leuven. 

 The BCE Dialogue Schools Project is a collaborative initiative with the Archdiocese of Brisbane, the clergy and in a collegial partnership with other Australian dioceses. This project is a specific action within the broader BCE strategic initiative of Strengthen Catholic Identity.

​​​​​​BCEO Strategic Plan

The research leaders for this work are Prof. Didier Pollefeyt, Vice President for Educational Policy of the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium and Research Assistant Jan Bouwens M.A. The research focuses on the religious identity of Catholic educational institutions that face the challenge of re-interpreting the Catholic faith in a contemporary, pluralistic culture (Recontextualisation). It provides a comprehensive methodology and theological framework to articulate, assess and enhance the identity structure of Catholic educational organisations. It will allow our schools and offices to explore creative and innovative strategies to strengthen Catholic identity using a theologically based and point in time data-informed framework.

Brisbane Catholic Education has entered into a partnership with other Queensland Dioceses and the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium).

 Project​ Goal


The project goal is to assist schools to explore and better understand how their Catholic identity is expressed in work and practice and to support schools as they strengthen their Catholic identity.

The project goal is supported by three key questions:​

·         How is Catholic identity lived and shaped in the school (current reality)?


·         How would the school like to see its Catholic identity expressed (preferred future)?


·         What potential is present in the school to realise its preferred Catholic identity?

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In the following article Didier Pollefeyt and Jan Bouwens present an empirical methodology aimed at framing the religious aspects of the identity structure of Catholic educational organisations. This article provides the theology, pedagogy and methodology behind the Dialogue Schools Project.

         ​                     Framing the Identity of Catholic Schools​                                 

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