How to Unpack the Dat​a


The data presented in the various scales in the Leuven Project instruments are very comprehensive. A guidebook has been developed to assist individuals when interpreting the various graphs and tables. Please be aware that the instructions and tips provided are general guidelines to assist in unpacking the various graphs and tables.

It is essential that schools engaging in the BCE Leuven Project​ attend the workshop Theology and Practice of the BCE Leuven Project as this will give participants the opportunity to comprehensively explore the data presented in schools reports as well as learn how to interpret the graphical data presented. The guidebook (below) provides assistance with unpacking the data gathered through the surveys as well as information on interpreting the provided Data Fiche​.


Leuven Data Guidebook   - Unpacking the Data ​

Members of the Formation, Professional Learning and Leadership team are available to work with schools to unpack their data and recommendations. ​Please contact them at: